Feedback from Clients



WE APPRECIATE CUSTOMER FEEDBACK GOOD or BAD, We will post them from time to time. As it states in the customer survey given to each client, IF YOU WERE SATISFIED TELL YOUR FRIENDS, IF YOU WERE NOT SATISFIED PLEASE TELL US.

Ron S. from Hershey wrote,

My wife and I were hesitant to spend $400.00 for a home inspection on a home that is only 5 years old. After reviewing Gumpher Home Inspections web site, and seeing the pictures of what Thermal Imaging can expose, and finding that a lot of the other Inspection firms are not equipped or certified in thermography we elected to employ Mr. Gumpher. We were not disappointed, what was found was not a deal breaker by any means, but it did show where the hot tub on the second floor had a small leak where a coupling wasn't installed all the way, which if left un-repaired certainly would have caused major water damage. So hats off to GHI. For a job well done, money well spent.

Sally B. From Hummelstown wrote,

Dave, thank you very much for taking the extra time to explain where critical points of my now first home are located. It is also so convenient to have a very detailed report listing the water, gas, and electric shut offs are if so needed. Again many thanks.

Roger P. From Granville wrote,

Thank you for a very thorough inspection, like it says on your contract, PEACE OF MIND.

Glenn W. from Hershey wrote,

Mr. Gumpher, I received first class service from you and the lady in the office. I was convinced customer service no longer existed. Of course the morning of my inspection we had 4 inches of snow. What a pleasant surprise when you told me that we could continue with the home inspection and you would return to do the roof inspection after the majority of the snow was gone, at no additional charge. I was able to continue with the sales agreement and my lender was pleased to know, that the roof part of the inspection was to follow. Gumshoe the drone provided excellent photos of the roof, gutters and flashings, which was a concern of mine. A big thank you for keeping customer service alive.

Bonnie H. From Palmyra wrote,

I'm impressed. The home inspection process was about as smooth as it could be. I really thought the free additional services offered were a joke, until I got the Recall Check report back, The appliances looked new, who would of ever thought the wall oven had a recall and the washing machine had a recall. Both I must add were taken care of by a local appliance firm. GHI, Rocks....

Paul from Harrisburg;

Dave your knowledge on various systems in a home is amazing, I hated to burn a vacation day, but when you explained what all you are going to look at in the inspection, I had to see it to believe it. What a learning experience it was for me. What most impressed me was the photo quality that your Drone produced. The fact that you can zoom in on a rubber boot around a vent pipe and not only see dry rot cracks but the name and model number indicating the vent boot was made in 1980, I guess it was no shame it had some wear and tear. Thank you for a very detailed and insightful inspection report.

Mel from Hershey:

Dave thank you so much for the prompt service. Your knowledge on various systems of a home is priceless. I had contacted various companies that advertised Mold testing, and after sending them a picture of our pregnant tenants concern, the other companies scared the crap out of me. To the point we were going to put the tenant up in a motel room. Looking at the pictures I emailed you and simply asking a few questions as to what type of heat the home had, you weren't positive but had a good idea of what the discolouration was. The fact that you fit us in on an already full day made us feel like we are people and not just another number on your list.

Receiving a detailed full fledge laboratory report the next day was unreal. The report not only stated what the discolouration was in laboratory terms, but also broke it down for the basic person to understand. So glad to know caring people still exists in this hectic fast paced business world. We highly recommend your company.

Rodney K. Lebanon;

Mr. Gumpher I would like to be one of the first to thank you for your Landlord, Tenant program. What an excellent service to take the conception of well he is saying that because or they want everything for nothing ....out of the equation. In 15 years of owning rentals the worst day I had was on move out, not because I was losing a tenant but because I knew of all the issues brought up from four years ago when they moved in. As you point ☝️ out at the time of move in I as the owner is going to see normal where and tear. However tô have the detailed photos and video along with the landlord tenant conversation is priceless. The last three turn overs have gone the smoothest of any I have ever had. In fact the tenants are still friends of the family. Thank you

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