Inspection are also for Tenants / Renters

Rent or Buy inspections are important

 Just because your not ready to purchase a home doesn't mean that your wellbeing is not as important as the home owner. So you don't have a monthly mortgage payment, you do have a monthly rent payment. Why not make sure the dwelling you are going to call home, is safe and worth the monthly payment.

Gumpher Home Inspection works with and respects Tenants the same as a Home Buyer. You as a tenant have the same rights as the person buying a home. 

With the Landlords or authorized representative, written approval, which can be an emailed letter stating consent to perform a visual inspection of (property address, unit number) for the potential occupant. Sent to 

Gumpher Home Inspection, having rental properties understands the urgency, at times, of signing a lease and in fact will perform rental unit inspections after normal work hours at no additional charge if absolutely required. Gumpher Home Inspection more then welcomes, and in fact appreciates having the property owner or a representative present for the inspection. The inspection takes about one and a half hours (1.5). One of the main benefits of this inspection for the tenant is documentation of the property upon move in, it provides pictures as well as documentation of conditions for floor coverings, wall finishes, appliances etc. that can be used upon move out should a dispute arise. 

Safety: In most municipalities the laws are very minimal for rental units. Smoke alarms are the big thing we look for, we also suggest interconnected smoke and carbon monoxide alarms if more then one rental unit is under the same roof. This is now very affordable for the owner of the property. Several reputable companies make wireless smoke and carbon monoxide combination units that will alarm at the same time. Keep in mind at this time, no laws make the owner of the property provide this protection.

During the inspection if the tenant is required to pay for the electric, we verify to the best of our ability that only your unit is connected to the meter. The same goes for the water. We offer a potable water test which is an additional charge and is only recommended if the water supply is from an on site well.

We also offer a Radon test at an additional charge. Keep in mind this is a three day test.

The standard Renters inspection/survey without Radon or Water test is $145.00 a relatively small investment for PEACE OF MIND. 

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