Winter Weather is here

Winter Weather, some love ❤️ it and others despise it. I’m kind of middle of the road, if it only lasted until Christmas

A small amount of snow ❄️ is not an issue
Let it Snow Let it now Let it go away hehehe. A few reminders to the home owner. A small amount of snow ❄️ usually isn’t an issue. That being said a couple of little snow events can add up to five or six inches of snow ⛄️ before you know it. Especially if it stays cold between snow events. As a home owner you want to make sure the end of your down spouts are clear and ice doesn’t form during the night, blocking the melting snow from your roof. 

 Ice daming is a major cause of roof, attic insulation and ceiling/wall drywall/plaster damage. Another issue with ice daming is heat / energy loss. HOW DOES IT OCCUR? The biggest cause is as stated above blocked down spouts, either by snow ❄️ or rodents looking for a place to be shielded from wind, rain etc. Another cause of blockage is leaf build up from the fall.


 Free of charge during The months of January 1st to April 29th we will Thermal Image the interior walls where they meet the ceiling only on the walls that have spouting/gutter installed on the exterior of the home. This will show if moisture has gotten in to the insulation or plaster/drywall of the home. 

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