A current list of our services and rates

We Are Not The Cheapest Inspection Company, We do pride ourselves in having up to date equipment and training. Plus it may be the competition knows what their work is worth.?



Residential ASHI Buyers or Sellers Home inspection $400.00

Additional square footage charge over 2,000 square feet: Per 1,000 square feet additional $60.00

Wood destroying organisms ( Termites )$125.00

Detached garages or additional outbuildings. WILL BE QUOTED $0.00

Pa. Certified Realestate Radon test, this is a 48 hour test under closed home conditions. A return trip is included to pick test samples up. $145.00

Conventional/ FHA/ VA Water test. One section of this test requires 24 hours to observe the sample. No return trip is needed. $185.00

Mold test: Visual mold inspection with three air samples and one swab or tape sample along with report. 

Samples are overnighted to the lab but may take 36 hours to receive a final report. $275.00

Mold: Additional samples collected and tested EACH, if collected during initial test visit. $75.00

Class 1 Chimney and fireplace/wood burning device in the structure, provided it is done during initial inspection visit. $70.00

Infared thermal imaging, to detect various hidden items such as mold, moisture intrusion in walls, ceiling, under roof material. 

Etc. provided it is completed during original inspection.$95.00

Manufactured / mobile home inspection as per set standards of INTERNACHI home inspections. 

Up to and including a double wide home with no added dwellings $400.00

Pool and Spa inspections as per INTERNACHI home inspector guide lines. A total of one pool in ground or above and one hot tub per location. 

This inspection will test for proper bonding and grounding of the equipment. Proper plumbing configuration. Heater. $185.00

Specialized deck inspection, provided it is completed during initial home inspection. Not to exceed 300 square feet. 

This inspection is a more detailed inspection of the deck. How it is anchored to the building, what type of footers it is resting on. $85.00

Specialized electrical inspection if completed during original home inspection. This is a more detailed inspection of the electrical system 

and its component's. Additional test are performed and noted for this inspection $85.00

Apartment move in Inspection with pictures and report. Report kept in our office for six (6) years, this can be presented to the

 landlord on move out of the tenant to assist in getting your deposit back. $145.00

On Site Septic System Inspection, After tanks are pumped, inspect condition of tanks, basic size, inlet and outlet baffles. 

Inspection conforms to Internachi as well as PSMA regulations. $. 350.00 ,If more then three tanks, additional charges will result.

Additional charge if seller or agent uses another pump company, to account for lost time scheduling and most times 

rescheduling with a company we are not familiar working with. $ 45.00

Septic tank pumping. We offer this service as it is much easier to coordinate cleaning and inspection. 

The base cost is for extraction of one thousand gallons. $205.00

Additional gallons of sewage per 100 gallons over the 1,000 gallon limit  is $20.00 per 100 gallons 

AVERAGE COST OF HTL Hydraulic Load Test. which is the study of how well the drain or leach field / sand mound is working. 

A minimum of 400 gallons of water are introduced into the septic system and the field leaders (pipes) are exposed to perform test. $585.00

Time and Equipment charge if needed for additional excavation to perform test's. a good faith estimate will be given before work continues for approval. 

average per hour charge will be. $165.00

Return inspection fee if required by lender or Client to confirm items were corrected or for additional conformation on items inspected. $150.00

Prices have been set for the year 2018 01/01....12/30

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