We stand apart from other inspection companies

 While other inspectors are going with the standard of visual inspection only, we have a complete line up of modern devices which save time, in return allowing us to provide you with a very comprehensive report. If the roof line has six different angles and valleys in it, why accept a visual observation from the ground with a spotting scope. We can fly to every nook and cranny and provide you with HD video and or pictures in your report. Crawl spaces .....no one likes them...with the bore scope camera we can reach 60 plus feet and record in HD as well as provide you with pictures. Last but not least is the power to thermal imaging. Once only thought for commercial projects, it is now a must to provide you the client a clear picture of, moisture intrusion, leaks in walls and roofing, heat loss or gain at doors and windows. And evidence of active and past activity of mold and wood destroying insects.

A good example of improper insulation, again an issue that for sure would have not been found without the training and use of our Thermal Imaging Camera
The dark Blue spot is a moisture intrusion area. After an area such as this is found we can verify it with our moisture meter. This is an example of an issue that most likely would not have been found without the use of our Thermal Imaging Camera
A moisture meter is a must have tool in Gumpher Home Inspections tool kit. It takes the guess work out of, is it just a stain or has it leaked recently and been left to dry.

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