We Are Relocating. Thank you ☺️ to all our valued clients and Realtors. We are relocating to Myrtle Beach S.C.

 By Landlords & Tenants using our service we have witnessed a much calmer and civil exchange of move in & move out transactions. Yes there were still a few disputes HOWEVER they were quickly resolved by the documentation, video and still photos that were taken on the day of walk through acceptance, including any request by either the tenant tô have an item repaired, corrected, or removed, As well as any special request from the landlord in regards to any special request and or concerns. NOTE; We do not have any involvement with the rental document or contract. We walk through with the tenant, landlord or representative on the day of acceptance. We video tape, photograph the overall condition of the unit. This information is kept in a file in our office, upon notification that the tenant is moving out, we perform a walk through with the tenant, landlord or representative. At this time all photos and videos taken as well as documentation recorded at move in is on site for review and discussion. Again we have experienced very much success, avoiding law suits and landlord tenant disputes. KEEPING IN MIND THAT NOT ALL TRANSACTIONS were resolved without dispute, and we are available for a fee to provide testimony as so needed for either party. 

Gumpher Home Inspection is not new to the house building or commercial building industry. Having been in business for over 35 years as a design build Electrical Consulting Company. After retiring from this business David Gumpher felt a calling to use his acquired knowledge over those years to assist the first time home owner as well as the seasoned buyer in an effort to have a pleasant home buying experience.


 Gumpher Home Inspection LLC. IS owned and operated by family. A family that owned and operated C.L.GROFF SONS, appliance Sales & Service, and GUMPHER ELECTRICAL CONTRACTING FOR OVER 95 YEARS. That being said you can be assured that we are very loyal to all of the clients that contact our company for service.

 Gumpher Home Inspection LLC. Is proud to be a member of International Association of Home Inspectors, as well as ASHI, American Society of Home Inspectors, and the Greater Harrisburg Realtors Association. Not just to be a member of business related organizations, but because the training options they offer that in no way an individual could afford or even find on there own accord. When choosing a home inspection company keep on mind it is not all about PRICE. You as a consumer are free to visit the sites listed above to see what stringent rules and obligations they require a member to follow. Another huge factor in hiring a Home Inspector, is the equipment they have invested in, to in fact provide YOU the client with the most accurate information, for potentially the biggest investment you will make. My response for a person looking to go with the cheapest inspector is to consider that you are sitting in a jumbo 747, ready to take off on your honeymoon, knowing the cheapest aviation company built the plane........Think about it.

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