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 Email is the quickest and best way to have us get in touch with you. While on an inspection project I chose to devote my time to the client and will not answer the phone. However if you send me and Email I can forward that to my secretary and she can reply to obtain more information and schedule an appointment, or as soon as I'm completed I can reply to you as well.

 Every attempt will be made to return your call or better yet Email within the same day it is received. We understand time is of the essences, and even more so YOU THE CLIENT are excited to keep things moving along. Again every effort is made to do our part in a thorough yet speedy inspection. You as the client can also help us help you by asking your lender or agent which inspections will be needed. By knowing that in advance will allow us to schedule the appropriate amount of time for your appointment. Keep in mind you as the future owner of this home, may want to add additional inspections over and above the required inspections. Think of it as taking a used car to your favorite mechanic to look it over before you buy it. Pretty much the same principle, only on a larger scale.

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